Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm gettin' good at this SAH Momma idea!!!

Last night was rough... I mean R-O-U-G-H!!!! Ladybug has officially outgrown the bassinet and Bub is against completely co-sleeping which means that I, Renee, must let my baby sleep in a room where I am not.... I know :gasp: right no seriously it was a lot harder on me than I would have ever expected!! Probly on Ladybug too as she's used to sleeping with me RIGHT there within arms reach... Every time I'd lay her in her crib she'd wake up so I started trying to use her gloworm to keep her attention off of me but that would only work for the 30 seconds or whatever that the stupid thing works sooo my Momma and I took the Ladybug to Babies "R" Us to no avail they wouldn't order it in to ship to my house and I'm not driving over there if I can buy the same stinking thing at another store and have it tonite!! So long story short I ended up with the Soothe and Glow Seahorse (same idea as the gloworm with 5 minutes of music) the Little Buttons Sweet Scenes Soother (up to 20 minutes of music, glows, and has projector on to the ceiling, and an effing remote-which I have to be in the doorway to use but better than being RIGHT there LOL) and of course a baby monitor... I know what you're thinking "WHAT you didn't already have a baby monitor???" But ya gotta understand I never would have thought I needed it, I mean our house is LITERALLY 732 sq ft... not big enough but I couldn't sleep knowing that the possiblity was there that I wouldn't here my 15 week old baby crying out wanting some of her Momma's nummy milk and getting no answer. Either that or you were thinking "Wow, Lady you really need somethin' better to spend your money on..." which is true I have better things I coulda bought but this was WAY important and if it helps the Ladybug and I sleep it's worth every cent and if Bub says other wise well he knows where my tush is and I'm more than willing to allow his lips to meet it LOL

Anyways so bought all the goodies came home and set 'em all up and then CLEANED. I know, I know I say that all the time... No seriously Bub and my's room is CLEAN, the bathroom is CLEAN, Ladybug's bedroom is CLEAN, all that's left is living room (a few dirty dishes and such) and the kitchen so can both be done tomorrow or I won't have ANYTHING to do all day LOL I love it and I'm so much happier than I was when I was working!!! And I can do whatever whenever which helps me help all my loved ones when they need me which in turn makes me even happier it's like the opposite of a catch-22 what ever that would be LOL

Oh Ladybug's fussy GTG Later

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  1. I was googeling Little Buttons Sweet Scenes Soother and found your blog, how is it working for your little one? I think I am going to pick one up tomorrow to get my baby to sleep in her crib.