Saturday, March 6, 2010

My House=Murder Scene

Ok so not really but it sure looks like it as you walk down the hallway. Both sides have blood splatter all the way up them and you half expect to see someone from CSI standing in the bedroom, but I'm telling you Bub, the Ladybug, the boys and I are all fine... except when the boys were playing the other day Sarge musta gotten Doc's ear just a little to hard and (here's where my research comes in) since dog's ears are vascular they BLEED!!! To make matters worse once a perfect little scab covers the problem he shakes his head flinging said scab and blood all over my house. I've tried just telling him not to shake his head but it seems to me that is like saying don't itch when talking about head lice or something... IMPOSSIBLE!!! So I've tried multiple times to clean the blood off my hallway walls to no avail :( I am outta ideas here people so I did what any sane 23 year old woman does... I googled that shit. Some lady says her dogs tail bleeds all the time and swears by the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser so when the hubs and I go to town, I'm just gonna haveta pick me up some and we'll see. Until then the poor Docburt is in his newly acquired kennel (he's trained to be out but I'm so damn sick of the blood I paid $50 for one!!) and Sarge is sad because his brother and bestie isn't able to play :(

On a good note my car now has airbags and seat belts YAY And Bub made it home last nite... not that I've seen him AT ALL. When we got home last night it was after midnite so we went straight to bed and when I got up this morning and was walkin' around gettin' the Ladybug dressed I realized I heard Justin in the living room so I gave Bub a good ration of shit seeing's how I was walking around in a tanktop and chonies!! O well I'm sure Justin's seen a lot better lookin' than me and that includes while I'm nursin' the Ladybug and Bub threatens to gouge his eyes out if he looks at my boobs (this always makes me laugh but also makes me feel good that Bub doesn't want anyone else to see my body... I think that's a good thing LOL)

O well g2g Ladybug is wakin' up from her nap :o)

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