Friday, March 5, 2010

More Braggin' and a little downside :)

So have I told ya yet that I totally love being a SAHM? Oh I have??? LOL Well today's reason for the obvious....I put the baby to sleep and showered when I got out (and the "white noise" stopped) she woke up for a little snack so I fed her and put her in her swing to play while I did my hair... did you hear me I straightened my own hair!!!! Ok so it's not as good as when Michelle did it but it's also not a big frizzy mess so I'll take it LOL

 So whatta ya think? I also have cinnamon rolls in the oven for the Ladybug and I (ok so just for me since she can't actually eat them yet :o)  haha) Wowza I love my life.....

Except for this one thing I have to talk to my sister (Tate) about stealing. She had my diamond ring this morning and Mom found it so I get to play like I don't know Mom has it because she doesn't know Mom just swiped it back luckily because then Tate was all freaking out that she had lost her ring and she wanted to wear it to school. So I'm really glad Mom found it first but I'm not excited to have to have this talk with my 2nd outta 2 sisters. Not exactly sure how my parents changed over the years where they have both thought it's ok....I remember when I was little, like 3 or 4, and I took some of the flower heads that pop off the silk flowers, my reason being there was no tag. When we got out to the car Mom noticed and made me take them back in and apoligize for stealing. I don't remember ever stealing anything afterwards, but I dunno frustrates me a little that they both have thought it's ok to do. But then again like Bub said.... Not our kids we just have to make sure that the Ladybug and her siblings all understand that it's not ok...Which I think I'm gonna use against Tate. The whole I don't know if I want Ladybug around you if you're going to be doing bad things like this, hopefully that will cure her of this.

Anyways gonna go eat my cinnamon rolls TTYL

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