Friday, January 29, 2010

Ladybug's Picture

Isn't that a picture perfect Ladybug???
PS She's sick LOL

Hello To All

Hey to anybody who has accidentally stumbled upon this blog. I'm really just starting this as a way to document all the important happenings as my baby girl grows up. I'm not going to use our real names just some nicknames to help keep our identities safe :D
Ladybug is now 6 and a half weeks old and she was a long struggle to get Bub and I really appreciate her. This week has been especially tough as she caught both RSV and Brochiolitis at the daycare. I'm supposed to go back on Monday but the doc wants us to wait until the middle of the week which kinda puts me in a predicament...we need the money but if Ladybug doesn't heal up all the way I'm gonna miss even more work as she gets sick more and more.
Right now we are having to do a neb treatment every 4 hours at least and she's still having a hard time breathing.  I have her sitting in the stroller beside me right now so the pups will stay outta her face since they often love her too much to let her sleep on their own levels LOL
Mmmmkay so I guess I should tell ya that I'm a 23 year old who has been married to Bub for three years and dated him for three before that...yep high school sweethearts. I'm an old fashioned lady who would rather stay at home and home school our babies than send 'em off to have someone else raise 'em. I truly love children (they don't even have to be mine) and I don't understand why people would decide to have children and WANT to send them somewhere else for 9-12 hours a day (no offense just my personal opinion)
I'm probly gonna gross ya'll out sometimes and whatever but I like to say what's on my mind (hence the reason this is literally a stream of conscience and will prolly offend at least a few people)
Yesterday I got my IUD I'm a little concerned since we had to try for 2 years to get the Ladybug but that was with the shot which says in all the information that it can take 12-18 months to be outta your system. I have decided I want the babes to be less than two years apart so this winter we'll prolly start trying for #2 :D I know what you're thinking... Lady you just had a baby ripped outta your abdomen 6 weeks ago and you're already thinking when you're gonna do it again??? But yeah I don't want Ladybug to be an only child and I don't want a big age gap between 'em so I have to think of these things...
Alright for now I'm gonna let ya'll go so that I can clean the house a touch before the Ladybug wakes and needs a treatment and a little Boob (ps I'm still nursing her) Later Ya'll