Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thankful on Thursday

Ok, First of all y'all better be 'thankful' I'm even doing a blog post tonight LOL Just kiddin'! I was all cozied into bed tryin' to get some sleep before getting up 'early' (hey as a SAHM setting an alarm is a sin!!) When...SHIT I didn't blog...and it's Thursday!! Eh it can wait... no...I don't wanna be one of "those" bloggers, I already skipped last week. So what did I do? I started typing up my post on my BlackBerry... which proceeded to loose it... 'bout chucked my phone out the damned window LOL So I got my cozied ass up outta bed and came to do this!
I guess first things first I'm thankful I have a conscience that even when I really don't wanna do something and I know I should it'll harass me 'til I just give in and freakin' do it LOL
Secondly I'm thankful I have a daughter who is not only thriving or surviving she's becoming quite the little chunker!! She is now 15lbs 8oz which is the 90th percentile!!! But only 75th for height and 50th for head circumference (gee not gonna be short and round like her parents or anything is she LOL) P.S. I love our pediatrician and the A.R.N.P. we saw today... no problems with BLW or anything!!!
Lastly for the night I'm thankful that an old (see middle school/early high school) friend is giving me a second chance where I'm not right sure I deserve one with the way things went down... losing her was completely my fault but she's the one who facebooked me wanting to meet up and hang out... so to the Farmer's Market (while her hubby works and mine catches up on his beauty sleep) we will go with her son and my daughter in tow. I think I'm gonna wear Ladybug so that I'm not running over all the innocent bystanders with the stroller that I'm really not good at... especially while looking at stuff LOL

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bad Blogger!!! :)

That's me....bad blogger it's been a week and a half since my last post!!! I'm just gonna blame it on Bub since he was home destroying my house last week! LOL He came home friday and didn't leave again until last night...LATE last night! Now I'm not complaining by any means! I LOVE having my hubby home and being able to show him just how much the Ladybug is growing each day...But (you knew that was coming, right?) he has this habit of walking in the door and stripping down (yup right in front of the door) and then the next morning he rifles through everything in the dark to find what he wants and leaves. This all totally messes up my week!! I couldn't just clean one room a day like I normally do.. NO I had to clean up the tornado my husband had throughout the house... and then came the weekend! Normally our house is C.L.E.A.N. by this point and so I get weekend's "off" too (off cleaning anyways) but this week I shouldn't have taken those free days! Plus yesterday since he was leaving I had to go get groceries for both of us, and pack him and was going to take it to him. So I ran errands all day leaving my Monday-Clean the Living Room routine undone. Then came today... I know, I know LAZY but it was so pretty out I couldn't just stay cooped up so I took Ladybug to the park (I did clean the living room and bathroom so tomorrow I'll just add Kitchen to the Dining Room and I'll be caught up) but my house is still dirty and I'm trying to get ready to have a 10 year old and an 11 year old all summer (part of my errands yesterday and trying to get a plan down part of today) I'm just getting caught on how to do all this and have a clean house and I'm throwing a wrench in it! LOL
I'm going to practice homeschooling by helping my sister Tate, and my cousin... Let's call him East  ;) get ready for the 5th grade. So far I've found a website with some awesome math problems and suggestions and I've bought 2 copies of Double Fudge and Fudge-A-Mania by Judy Blume and also 2 copies of the BFG but have only found 1 of Matilda both by Roald Dahl. After we read and discuss Matilda we are going to watch the movie (which is old enough neither has seen it LOL) Any other Ideas?? We need to work on Math, reading comprehension, and handwriting. Oh and I just learned how to make it e-mail me if someone leaves a comment so I'll now be responding to comments : D 
Thanks to everyone who liked the way I look in a bikini that really helps my self-esteem...especially since 30 day shred isn't going so well anymore. I LOVED it but all the Jumping Jacks and other high impact exercises are really taking their toll on my knees and the push-ups are KILLING my carpal tunnel!!! I can't even do the push-ups anymore. But like I said I'll have the two kids besides Ladybug all summer and we all have season passes to the local theme park so I will literally be walking my but off LOL

I'm getting to bed before Ladybug wakes back up! Nitey Nite!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Day Late...But not a dollar short

Sorry I didn't do my McFatty Monday post yesterday!!! This week we're a bit off as Bub is home this week!!! So Today I decided to go ahead and try to do Level 2... big mistake!! I didn't get but a couple minutes in and the exercise they were doing (Walking push-up) KILLED my wrist I can tell it's my carpal tunnel but OUCh even typing this now is hurting!!! So guess I'm supposed to stay on level 1 a bit longer hope that once I'm supposed to do Level 2 I can!! I dunno how else to do this except maybe regular push-ups? Hmm sumthing for me to figure out :) I'm down about a half size and thanks for all the encouragement on me in my bikini!! I want to always be proud of the body God gave me even if I don't like the way it looks... How can Ladybug Love herself if her Momma can't do it? LOL So not much of a post today I'm trying to NAK and Ladybug is being difficult about it LOL

Thursday, April 15, 2010

4 months!!!!

"Let them be little,
'Cause they're only that way for a while.
Give them hope, Give them praise,
Give them love everyday.
Let 'em cry, Let 'em giggle,
Let 'em sleep in the middle.
Aw but let them be little"

-Billy Dean "Let them Be Little"

Oh my Ladybug how you've changed!! It's been 4 full months since that cold December night when you were so rudely ripped out of your comfy home that you had decided you were NOT leaving!! Oh how all the other things have changed too! I often look at the incision to the place you once called home and tenderly touch it. Not because it hurts (although every now and then... especially after one of my spring sneezing bouts) but because it reminds me that you haven't ALWAYS been here. There are days when you laugh so hysterically that I can't or at least don't want to remember how my life was before you. But when I see that still healing incision across my gut I remember all the longing I felt to my core to concieve you and then the LONG 9 months we had to wait to finally meet you which seem so short now!!! I know there has to be a God because of you, I had my doubts while we were trying to get pregnant. I knew how good your daddy and I would be at being parents and I was worried; worried I would never get that chance. But apparently God was making sure that you would be here for us and am I ever glad he did!!! Now everything is perfect. No Daddy isn't home much, but we are trying to figure that whole thing out. But know that now and forever he loves you with all of his being... even if he doesn't say it often enough : ) You are still so little in most people's eyes but in mine and everyone who sees you on a regular basis you are not. You are over twice your birthweight and you are a basket of rolls!!! I even have to baby powder your chunky neck to keep it from getting too moist!!! To the world you are "Ladybug" but Ladybug to us you are the world!!!
Please even when you are an angry teenager don't EVER doubt that you are both wanted and loved! I don't know how to express that any other way but to repeat myself all the time.

Tonight you showed Momma your love back! I was playing with you on the floor and you gave the most hysterical laugh, one that had me nearly crying trying to etch that marvelous sound into my brain to be able to pull out at any time in the future that you are being nearly impossible for me. Before tonight you had reserved that full hearted laugh for Daddy but tonight Momma musta been just funny enough. You had tears running down your face from laughing so hard. I wish I had a video camera, I think that will be my next big purchase because I have to have one to be able to remember all these bittersweet firsts that you're going to be having soon! You are SOOO close to rolling from your back to your tummy and I can't wait to see it but also am hoping you'll save it for a weekend so Daddy can share that first with me.

Ladybug you are my first born, my love and as much as I can't wait to share all these "firsts" with you... can you slow it down just a touch?? That's not asking too much is it???

Thankful on Thursday

Wow as easy as it seems like it should be I have a really hard time coming up with new things to be thankful for every week. I feel like it's always the same-o same-o things. (ie my hubby, my babby, and my family)
But this week I found something else to be thankful for, our health. I've had a bit of a scare with my iud today (I had a Mirena placed at my 6 week post-partum appt) I can't feel the strings and I don't have health insurance (or so I thought) still I called my ob/gyn and let them know I felt 'em last month but don't know between now and then when they "moved" or whatever. Come to find out I do have insurance but only for 'family planning' which this is considered YAY so I have an appointment at 845 tomorrow... do you understand what time that means I have to get up??? 630!! I haven't been up that early in over a month when I quit my job!!! UGG but if it means knowing that I'm okay then I'll do what I have to do.
My mom works with disabled children (God bless her... I know I couldn't do it!!!) so each time I take Ladybug for a bit of a show and tell with all the co-workers I come out of there with a new appreciation for Ladybug's health. I hope God knows how thankful I truly am for that!!!!
I'm also thankful I have common sense. In every sense of the word because even though it's called common sense it's becoming less and less common!! Now I'm not gonna get all political because that's a different post entirely but I'm talking that I'm glad I have sense enough in my head to not just buy every little thing I think I NEED. I want to, Dear God do I ever want to. But I know that buying something for $20.00 that Ladybug will only wear ONCE is just silly even if it is an immense sale and that she would be absolutely adorable in it. I wanted to buy an outfit for family pictures the problem being that she will be 6 months 4 days before we have our portraits done. I can't be sure that if I buy a 3-6 month outfit that she will even fit into it anymore but if I buy it in 6-9 will it be TOO big? So I'll just have to buy something that I won't be as upset if it's not in our pictures. But still trying to find ideas for that Big day LOL Bub is wearing a 'golf polo' its black with khaki on each side so as to thin him ;) No idea on what I'll wear or Ladybug either haha
LOL this has been a different sort of post for a Thursday... I'll post my letter to Ladybug in a bit (Grama's Home with Aunt Tate LOL)

Monday, April 12, 2010

FYI: If I'm found dead on my living room floor it was Jillian!!!!!

OMG I shredded. I shouldn't put it in past tense as I've literally only done if for 1 day LOL but I did it, I thought I was gonna die but I'm more worried about looking good in the swimsuit I've already bought (as extra incentive) I'm wearing that thing no matter what size I am so I might as well be proud of the body it's gonna show of LOL. Plus might be able to get Bub to the pool if I go looking like that HAHA.
So then Ladybug was being entirely too crabby and the sun was starting to go down so I put her on and we walked all over town (granted we live in a TINY town) but I did it... in ballet flats at that HAHA
My goal is to get down to a Size 8 which is possible only 2 sizes before December when I'm planning on trying for #2 and then I will do it all over again HAHAHA But that's just a goal and I'm not really gonna be too heartbroken if I don't succeed. As long as I'm eating 'better' and drinking water and being a good example for my children I really don't care about my size... but you might if you see me in my bikini LOL so attached is a picture for everyone to see that I took in my bikini... Those of you with sensitive stomachs are probably better off not looking LOL

So...Not too bad for 17 weeks postpartum right? I said... RIGHT?!?!?! Just kidding I know it's nothing beautiful but I'm trying and that is what matters!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thankful on Thursday

Hmm I'm kinda havin' a rough day so this week might be a little bitta trouble... that's why it's so good to do once a week Right?

I'm truly thankful for Bub!! He would do ANYTHING for Ladybug and I!!
I'm thankful he'll do whatever it takes for US to meet OUR goal of keeping Ladybug outta public schools. But more than anything else I'm thankful that he WANTS to be at home and he calls the shots at his job enough that he gets to leave at noon tomorrow.
I'm thankful for Clearance racks where I found a swimsuit today.
I'm thankful for children's books at Half Price.
I'm thankful for Jenny McCarthy putting a positive spin on the past year of my life (Am reading Belly Laughs and Baby Laughs is next)

I'm thankful for BEAUTIFUL spring days where I can take my 16 weeker for a walk and she doesn't want a jacket on. (To Anyone who might see us on one of our walks I'm really not a bad Mom!!! I try to put a jacket on her but she overheats SO easy that she can't stand it... So yeah I'm wearing a jacket because I'm chilly but my baby isn't wearing one because she's got a 'normal' body temp of 99.1 while mine is a measly 96.8... easy as that!! LOL!!!)

So what is everyone out there thankful for?? I keep seeing hits on my profile but nobody's writing me so hope ya'll enjoy and feel free to write!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

One Year

So much has happened over the past year!!!! One year ago this weekend I was due with our Angel Baby that I had miscarried in August '08 (was due 4/11/09). But then: One year ago today I sat in my grandparents' bathroom in Tucson, AZ waiting for the pink lines on a pregnancy test to appear. I wasn't even completely sure that I should have "wasted" the test as expensive as they were but I did and then became ever so happy that I had!!! I called Bub and he didn't answer so I sat waiting for him to call me back (he was out driving OTR and was in fact visiting with my Papa at the time) he finally called me back and I told him I had used one of our stash of tests. He hesitated unsure of how to go about telling me that it would happen eventually and not to worry, when I blurted out that he needed to come home so we could go to the doctor to see how far along we were! LOL I had been tracking my periods for a while by that point but the March one had just seemed off and my April one was still a week away so I assumed my LMP was Feb 12 2009 which would put us at having a Thanksgiving baby. So a week later we went to the pregnancy crisis center and had to take a test. At the time Ladybug was giving my internal organs a run for their money LOL literally I had diarhea so bad that if I peed I pooped too LOL TMI add to that, I was so nervous that the HPT to be a false positive that I was having sooo many problems peeing in that little cup. So finally I did and the lady said we had 4 minutes for it to show up positive well it did in 45 seconds LOL so I really assumed I was 7 weeks along. Then my dad had a scare that we thought was a heart attack and he didn't know yet but Mom did. So the next morning I called and told him (side note I told him I was telling him then since was already in hospital so if he really did have a heart attack they'd be there asap LOL) On 4/24/09 we went and had a ultrasound and told me I was exactly 6 weeks!! Ooops so much for not telling anybody til later on haha. So we had our Christmas baby after moving back acrossed the country (I couldn't have a baby and not have it around Grama and Grampa let alone Aunt's and Uncle!!!) So in the past year I've driven acrossed the country, transferred Jobs, quit 2 jobs, had an ADORABLE baby girl and learned what it means to be a Momma!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thankful on Thursday

I wanna first thank Blair for doing this and really getting me thinking each week what I'm thankful for.

So here goes:
I'm thankful for a family who honestly cares TOO much.
I'm thankful for a baby who loves me even if she says she doesn't.
I'm thankful for friends who trust me enough to know that a 3 year old, a 15 month old and a 3 month old doesn't scare me and in fact it that's another one.
I'm thankful for being able to baby-sit and know that this is the life God wanted me to have all along and that I really feel as though I'm looking into the future as I sit here knowing I should help my friend with her house since all said children are asleep (athankyouverymuch)
I'm thankful it's April Fool's Day no body pulled a prank on me.
I'm really mostly thankful for life and getting to live it to the fullest extent possible.

So that's my mushy gushy Thankful on Thursday post :)