Tuesday, April 6, 2010

One Year

So much has happened over the past year!!!! One year ago this weekend I was due with our Angel Baby that I had miscarried in August '08 (was due 4/11/09). But then: One year ago today I sat in my grandparents' bathroom in Tucson, AZ waiting for the pink lines on a pregnancy test to appear. I wasn't even completely sure that I should have "wasted" the test as expensive as they were but I did and then became ever so happy that I had!!! I called Bub and he didn't answer so I sat waiting for him to call me back (he was out driving OTR and was in fact visiting with my Papa at the time) he finally called me back and I told him I had used one of our stash of tests. He hesitated unsure of how to go about telling me that it would happen eventually and not to worry, when I blurted out that he needed to come home so we could go to the doctor to see how far along we were! LOL I had been tracking my periods for a while by that point but the March one had just seemed off and my April one was still a week away so I assumed my LMP was Feb 12 2009 which would put us at having a Thanksgiving baby. So a week later we went to the pregnancy crisis center and had to take a test. At the time Ladybug was giving my internal organs a run for their money LOL literally I had diarhea so bad that if I peed I pooped too LOL TMI add to that, I was so nervous that the HPT to be a false positive that I was having sooo many problems peeing in that little cup. So finally I did and the lady said we had 4 minutes for it to show up positive well it did in 45 seconds LOL so I really assumed I was 7 weeks along. Then my dad had a scare that we thought was a heart attack and he didn't know yet but Mom did. So the next morning I called and told him (side note I told him I was telling him then since was already in hospital so if he really did have a heart attack they'd be there asap LOL) On 4/24/09 we went and had a ultrasound and told me I was exactly 6 weeks!! Ooops so much for not telling anybody til later on haha. So we had our Christmas baby after moving back acrossed the country (I couldn't have a baby and not have it around Grama and Grampa let alone Aunt's and Uncle!!!) So in the past year I've driven acrossed the country, transferred Jobs, quit 2 jobs, had an ADORABLE baby girl and learned what it means to be a Momma!!

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  1. I found you through the blog party. You have had a very busy year. I almost had a Christmas baby, but he came 5 weeks early for Thanksgiving. Congrats on your little one! I'd love to have you stop by my blog too. Blessings!