Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Day Late...But not a dollar short

Sorry I didn't do my McFatty Monday post yesterday!!! This week we're a bit off as Bub is home this week!!! So Today I decided to go ahead and try to do Level 2... big mistake!! I didn't get but a couple minutes in and the exercise they were doing (Walking push-up) KILLED my wrist I can tell it's my carpal tunnel but OUCh even typing this now is hurting!!! So guess I'm supposed to stay on level 1 a bit longer hope that once I'm supposed to do Level 2 I can!! I dunno how else to do this except maybe regular push-ups? Hmm sumthing for me to figure out :) I'm down about a half size and thanks for all the encouragement on me in my bikini!! I want to always be proud of the body God gave me even if I don't like the way it looks... How can Ladybug Love herself if her Momma can't do it? LOL So not much of a post today I'm trying to NAK and Ladybug is being difficult about it LOL

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