Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thankful on Thursday

Hmm I'm kinda havin' a rough day so this week might be a little bitta trouble... that's why it's so good to do once a week Right?

I'm truly thankful for Bub!! He would do ANYTHING for Ladybug and I!!
I'm thankful he'll do whatever it takes for US to meet OUR goal of keeping Ladybug outta public schools. But more than anything else I'm thankful that he WANTS to be at home and he calls the shots at his job enough that he gets to leave at noon tomorrow.
I'm thankful for Clearance racks where I found a swimsuit today.
I'm thankful for children's books at Half Price.
I'm thankful for Jenny McCarthy putting a positive spin on the past year of my life (Am reading Belly Laughs and Baby Laughs is next)

I'm thankful for BEAUTIFUL spring days where I can take my 16 weeker for a walk and she doesn't want a jacket on. (To Anyone who might see us on one of our walks I'm really not a bad Mom!!! I try to put a jacket on her but she overheats SO easy that she can't stand it... So yeah I'm wearing a jacket because I'm chilly but my baby isn't wearing one because she's got a 'normal' body temp of 99.1 while mine is a measly 96.8... easy as that!! LOL!!!)

So what is everyone out there thankful for?? I keep seeing hits on my profile but nobody's writing me so hope ya'll enjoy and feel free to write!!

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