Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thankful on Thursday

Ok, First of all y'all better be 'thankful' I'm even doing a blog post tonight LOL Just kiddin'! I was all cozied into bed tryin' to get some sleep before getting up 'early' (hey as a SAHM setting an alarm is a sin!!) When...SHIT I didn't blog...and it's Thursday!! Eh it can wait... no...I don't wanna be one of "those" bloggers, I already skipped last week. So what did I do? I started typing up my post on my BlackBerry... which proceeded to loose it... 'bout chucked my phone out the damned window LOL So I got my cozied ass up outta bed and came to do this!
I guess first things first I'm thankful I have a conscience that even when I really don't wanna do something and I know I should it'll harass me 'til I just give in and freakin' do it LOL
Secondly I'm thankful I have a daughter who is not only thriving or surviving she's becoming quite the little chunker!! She is now 15lbs 8oz which is the 90th percentile!!! But only 75th for height and 50th for head circumference (gee not gonna be short and round like her parents or anything is she LOL) P.S. I love our pediatrician and the A.R.N.P. we saw today... no problems with BLW or anything!!!
Lastly for the night I'm thankful that an old (see middle school/early high school) friend is giving me a second chance where I'm not right sure I deserve one with the way things went down... losing her was completely my fault but she's the one who facebooked me wanting to meet up and hang out... so to the Farmer's Market (while her hubby works and mine catches up on his beauty sleep) we will go with her son and my daughter in tow. I think I'm gonna wear Ladybug so that I'm not running over all the innocent bystanders with the stroller that I'm really not good at... especially while looking at stuff LOL

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