Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's been far too long!!

Sorry it's been so long it's been a hectic couple a weeks!!! Haven't been able to work out so no McFatty Mondays until I'm feeling better. I haven't felt well for a couple of days now, not really sure why or what's going on but I know that I've been napping with Ladybug during the day instead of the usual cleaning/blogging during them :( I'm so exhausted but I'm starting to think it's this gloomy crap-tastic weather we've been having!!! So anyway we have started BLW with the Ladybug her first food was pizza crust LOL But since then she's had steamed green beans, steamed carrots, water (from straws and sippy-cups) and a little ice cream. She's also rolling over consistantly now!! She will go from front to back or back to front but will only roll over once not time after time so if she gets to her belly she just gets mad instead of rolling back over LOL she's definately got her Daddy's patience haha! Tomorrow we have her 5 month pictures when she'll wear her ladybug Gap shirt and a pair of jean shorts and have her bare tootsies showing LOL I'm even gonna paint her toes :-D

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