Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bad Momma!!

Ok, I know I've said it before that we're pretty AP but today Bub informed me that he is sick of being unable to sleep in our bed because of Ladybug being in there (we have a king bed so plenty big but he can't get into a deep sleep because he's worried he'll roll over on her or something) So I had her take her nap in her crib (instead of the swing like normal) and I've put her to bed in her crib and I'm waiting for her to wake in a few like normal and I'll put her to bed in there again and then go to bed myself. When she wakes up to nurse again I'll bring her to bed with me pushing it further and further each day until she's spending the night in her own room (SCARY, I know) I was doing really well with only letting her stay with me until the sun came up until Bub was home all last week and he wanted to go to bed earlier than Ladybug and I normally do so I would fall asleep in our bed with her before she was asleep enough to move!! When I was pregnant and before this was one of my Never Shall I Ever... and then she got here!! I never would have expected to be so terrified of something so completely normal!!! But.........I am...... You can laugh......I do LOL
Alrighty Internet peeps I'm headed to bed
I'll let ya'll know how my re-training of Ladybug goes!! LOL

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