Monday, May 17, 2010

5 months

I wrote this on Saturday but haven't had the chance to post it so here it is :)

Dear Ladybug,

You're becoming such a big girl already, it kills me sometimes! You look at your Daddy and I with such awe and wonder and utter amazement that I can't believe you're only 5 months old!!!

You already know so much and are learning so much more!!! I would never have guessed you'd be so close to sitting up and wanting so bad to be standing!!! You have learned so much in the past weeks let alone month! You chatter consistently and constantly (something I know will NEVER stop now ;) LOL) you're rolling both from front to back and back to front but neither right after another... Once you've done 1 you get too pissed to do the other LOL :) so much of your Daddy it's not even funny.

You're getting more beautiful with each passing day and though we're together for every moment I often forget to stop and enjoy how much you've changed already in these past 5 months!

Ladybug please don't hate me for the "no's" that are coming now and will until you're grown. Please see that with each one Daddy and I are simply molding you into a lady. You may not come from much and might not be what everyone expects but you will at least know right from wrong and to me that's what a lady is. Somebody who knows right from wrong and is never too scared to speak about it without conviction!

Ladybug you are my biggest dream come true. No matter what happens or what you become it will all be worth anything and everything to be your Momma... And I thank God each day that he chose ME to be YOURS and YOU to be MINE!!!

Love always,


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