Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm gettin' good at this SAH Momma idea!!!

Last night was rough... I mean R-O-U-G-H!!!! Ladybug has officially outgrown the bassinet and Bub is against completely co-sleeping which means that I, Renee, must let my baby sleep in a room where I am not.... I know :gasp: right no seriously it was a lot harder on me than I would have ever expected!! Probly on Ladybug too as she's used to sleeping with me RIGHT there within arms reach... Every time I'd lay her in her crib she'd wake up so I started trying to use her gloworm to keep her attention off of me but that would only work for the 30 seconds or whatever that the stupid thing works sooo my Momma and I took the Ladybug to Babies "R" Us to no avail they wouldn't order it in to ship to my house and I'm not driving over there if I can buy the same stinking thing at another store and have it tonite!! So long story short I ended up with the Soothe and Glow Seahorse (same idea as the gloworm with 5 minutes of music) the Little Buttons Sweet Scenes Soother (up to 20 minutes of music, glows, and has projector on to the ceiling, and an effing remote-which I have to be in the doorway to use but better than being RIGHT there LOL) and of course a baby monitor... I know what you're thinking "WHAT you didn't already have a baby monitor???" But ya gotta understand I never would have thought I needed it, I mean our house is LITERALLY 732 sq ft... not big enough but I couldn't sleep knowing that the possiblity was there that I wouldn't here my 15 week old baby crying out wanting some of her Momma's nummy milk and getting no answer. Either that or you were thinking "Wow, Lady you really need somethin' better to spend your money on..." which is true I have better things I coulda bought but this was WAY important and if it helps the Ladybug and I sleep it's worth every cent and if Bub says other wise well he knows where my tush is and I'm more than willing to allow his lips to meet it LOL

Anyways so bought all the goodies came home and set 'em all up and then CLEANED. I know, I know I say that all the time... No seriously Bub and my's room is CLEAN, the bathroom is CLEAN, Ladybug's bedroom is CLEAN, all that's left is living room (a few dirty dishes and such) and the kitchen so can both be done tomorrow or I won't have ANYTHING to do all day LOL I love it and I'm so much happier than I was when I was working!!! And I can do whatever whenever which helps me help all my loved ones when they need me which in turn makes me even happier it's like the opposite of a catch-22 what ever that would be LOL

Oh Ladybug's fussy GTG Later

Weekly photos to get ya'll caught up on Ladybugs Growth--AGAIN!!

Whoops just realized I'm a little behind LOL so here they are!!!

13 Weeks

14 Weeks

15 Weeks

Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm Trying!!!

So we got the new washer and I've been doing laundry all day (seeing's how easily it all stacks up when you can only do laundry in the cover of darkness) LOL (long story short: our drain for the washer was plugged up with NO way thru so I would put the washer drain line out the window and let it drain onto the ground but couldn't do it during the day;) haha) But last week I did the Carmen Electra Striptease once and I'm really going to try to do it at LEAST every other day this week!!! I'm also trying to get all my cleaning done today so I don't have to do it ALL week again.
One more thing I'm trying to do...figure out what I'm gonna do with Ladybug at night... it's official she's too big to be sleeping in the bassinet and Bub is against co-sleeping (I used to be too until I think about putting my 3 month old in another room where :gasp: she might not be able to let me know she's hungry) I know I just said that as though I'm messing around but I'm being completely serious. It scares the bejesus outta me!!! Bub says "she's not gonna wither away she's got plenty of meat on her bones" but didn't like that I reminded him that he likes to complain when he's hungy even though he's got more meat on his bones than Lexy or I will ever have!!! I just don't know how people can do it. I've even thought about disassembling her crib and setting it up in our room. Seriously I don't know what to do!!! Right now she sleeps in the bassinet until the sun comes up and then I let her sleep with me... I know I know that's horrible for her... but she likes it and I like being allowed to sleep past 6 in the morning! Please if you have any suggestions lemme know!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday again

I hate Sundays!!! I guess I should understand that Bub leaving on Sunday's is just a fact from now on but it still hurts that he's gonna be gone and miss the next 5 days of mine and Ladybug's lives. I don't like the idea that it's her and I and when he's off working we can talk on the webcam but at the same time this job is the reason that it can be just her and I and I don't have to work.
I'm having some major issues with Nickel she took $20 out of my money claiming she thought it was Mom's and that she needed it for gas then she took the $100 that was on the fridge for Jordon to be able to finish the upstairs bathroom. She claimed MANY times that she would bring it back but never has. She also broke down the Neon so she had to borrow the Journey which is where my money was when she took it. So she was supposedly taking that money to get gas and groceries then last night she went drinking and went to Ames Friday night so I really have no simpathy for her seeings how all the money could be going to fixing her car which she's now completely without since Mom will need her own car tomorrow and I'm not giving up my car :)
Oh well Sorry for my rant I'm just not having a lovey dovey type of day LOL
Ok I'm gonna go and watch 16 and pregnant and remind myself how good I have it hahaha

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break :)

Sorry it's been so long... been at my parents' house for almost a week takin' care of it and my 10 year old sister Tate. Been pretty uneventful except I'm VERY excited... I made lunch today while Tate played with Ladybug... I know oooh aaah, right? Actually it was I made fried chicken , mashed potatoes, corn and country gravy and it was GOOD I even got a compliment from Bub (the cook in our house)he was surprised that it was done as he saw I hadn't cut in to any of them...then he tasted and said it was sooo good he didn't even put hot sauce on it....WOW that's sayin' something folks!! My southern husband felt that MY fried chicken was good enough to eat without COMPLETELY obliterating the flavors I had put there!! I am so ecstatic you have NO idea! Well, after this post ya might LOL
That was my Saturday
Wednesday Tate and I took the Ladybug to the mall which went ok nothing too exciting except I carried her in the meitai for a lot of the trip but for some reason she hates the upstairs bathrooms at Valley West which kinda makes me laugh.
Other than that our spring break hasn't been anything but another week...
Oh last night bub and I were watching American Loggers on Discovery Channel and each time a commercial for Life (their new mini-series that premieres this weekend) Ladybug would intently watch it was the CUTEST thing I've ever seen!! So she might just be a  nature lover un-like her Momma haha
Alright gonna check on my man as he's workin' on his truck out in the garage and Tate's downstairs somewhere. Have a great weekend and I'll type to ya soon :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

TRUE Love has found me!!

I LOVE Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. Haven't tried the bigger and better yet and I already knew that these worked on crayon and such so I also knew that one day I'd have to keep them on hand. What I didn't know was I needed them now or the fact that they would clean dried blood off my walls. Eww right? But they do I'm most of the way done cleaning the hall and I'm amazed have been since the first swipe. Only bad thing is I'm already on my second one and might need to start a third :( but the blood is gone!! Will have to buy more for our bedroom so our house can be done with this. I've been locking Doc in his kennel and only let him out to go outside. I'm feeding and watering him everything IN his kennel so he can't tear it open as bad and we can get it scabbed over once and for all.

So you can all pick your jaws up off the floor I'm still with Bub and always will be LOL

I also LOVE my meitai carrier still getting used to it though I'll be really excited when my ring sling gets here because Ladybug is wanting more of a cradle hold and the meitai can't do that but when she's in the mood to look around she loves it nearly as much as I do!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Add Babywearing to this AP Momma!!

My new meitai carrier will be here this afternoon!! And our solarveil ring sling either tomorrow or Friday!!! I'm so stoked (yes I just said STOKED!!!) I know it's middle of March in Iowa and we're already starting the flooding crap so a Solar Veil you ask... well besides being a UV blocker it's also a lighter weight fabric and with the Ladybug already being such a warm body like her Daddy I can't imagine having a moby or any of the others I've read are warm!! I can't wait!!
So I'm really in to AP (attachment parenting) not that I decided to be I read about it and after thinking about it that's just where my beliefs on raising the Ladybug are... granted there are some differences. I don't cloth-diaper (I don't have a washer right now so that's a GOOD thing) I had an epi for labor (and LOVED it LOL) I'm pretty sure if we have a boy he will be circumsized (which isn't actually attachment parenting but a lot of AP'ers are also anti-circumcision) And lastly I'm pretty sure we might be spankers but that will come with time more than likely that will be a "threat" taken care of by Bub so I'll be one of those "just you wait until your dad gets home" type of moms...which is ok with me.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Saturday, March 6, 2010

My House=Murder Scene

Ok so not really but it sure looks like it as you walk down the hallway. Both sides have blood splatter all the way up them and you half expect to see someone from CSI standing in the bedroom, but I'm telling you Bub, the Ladybug, the boys and I are all fine... except when the boys were playing the other day Sarge musta gotten Doc's ear just a little to hard and (here's where my research comes in) since dog's ears are vascular they BLEED!!! To make matters worse once a perfect little scab covers the problem he shakes his head flinging said scab and blood all over my house. I've tried just telling him not to shake his head but it seems to me that is like saying don't itch when talking about head lice or something... IMPOSSIBLE!!! So I've tried multiple times to clean the blood off my hallway walls to no avail :( I am outta ideas here people so I did what any sane 23 year old woman does... I googled that shit. Some lady says her dogs tail bleeds all the time and swears by the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser so when the hubs and I go to town, I'm just gonna haveta pick me up some and we'll see. Until then the poor Docburt is in his newly acquired kennel (he's trained to be out but I'm so damn sick of the blood I paid $50 for one!!) and Sarge is sad because his brother and bestie isn't able to play :(

On a good note my car now has airbags and seat belts YAY And Bub made it home last nite... not that I've seen him AT ALL. When we got home last night it was after midnite so we went straight to bed and when I got up this morning and was walkin' around gettin' the Ladybug dressed I realized I heard Justin in the living room so I gave Bub a good ration of shit seeing's how I was walking around in a tanktop and chonies!! O well I'm sure Justin's seen a lot better lookin' than me and that includes while I'm nursin' the Ladybug and Bub threatens to gouge his eyes out if he looks at my boobs (this always makes me laugh but also makes me feel good that Bub doesn't want anyone else to see my body... I think that's a good thing LOL)

O well g2g Ladybug is wakin' up from her nap :o)

Friday, March 5, 2010

More Braggin' and a little downside :)

So have I told ya yet that I totally love being a SAHM? Oh I have??? LOL Well today's reason for the obvious....I put the baby to sleep and showered when I got out (and the "white noise" stopped) she woke up for a little snack so I fed her and put her in her swing to play while I did my hair... did you hear me I straightened my own hair!!!! Ok so it's not as good as when Michelle did it but it's also not a big frizzy mess so I'll take it LOL

 So whatta ya think? I also have cinnamon rolls in the oven for the Ladybug and I (ok so just for me since she can't actually eat them yet :o)  haha) Wowza I love my life.....

Except for this one thing I have to talk to my sister (Tate) about stealing. She had my diamond ring this morning and Mom found it so I get to play like I don't know Mom has it because she doesn't know Mom just swiped it back luckily because then Tate was all freaking out that she had lost her ring and she wanted to wear it to school. So I'm really glad Mom found it first but I'm not excited to have to have this talk with my 2nd outta 2 sisters. Not exactly sure how my parents changed over the years where they have both thought it's ok....I remember when I was little, like 3 or 4, and I took some of the flower heads that pop off the silk flowers, my reason being there was no tag. When we got out to the car Mom noticed and made me take them back in and apoligize for stealing. I don't remember ever stealing anything afterwards, but I dunno frustrates me a little that they both have thought it's ok to do. But then again like Bub said.... Not our kids we just have to make sure that the Ladybug and her siblings all understand that it's not ok...Which I think I'm gonna use against Tate. The whole I don't know if I want Ladybug around you if you're going to be doing bad things like this, hopefully that will cure her of this.

Anyways gonna go eat my cinnamon rolls TTYL

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Weekly photos to get ya'll caught up on Ladybugs Growth


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Week 9

Week 10

Week 11
Now from now on I'll only do the weekly ones but had to get ya'll up to date

11 weeks

Just a little smile from the ladybug... these are her 11 week pictures :o) Thanks Mom

I'll add all her other weeks pics in a minute so you can see how she's grown!!

OMG It's been FOREVER!!!

Kay so I'm totally sorry that it's been so long since I updated!! Lots has happened since I last wrote you!! I'm now officially a SAHM!! YAY!!! Bub gotta new job in which he makes more now than both of us were!! Add to that the fact that my childcare rates were increasing on the 1st of the month makes it so my bring home after gas to work and daycare was $75.00 a week...seriously... less than a dollar an effin' hour so I made my friend mad at me because I just up and quit. Didn't give a two week notice like a good human being. But the thought of going back after all that's happened (that's a story for another day) I would cry every night trying to get the Ladybug ready for bed and all her stuff gathered to make our mornings go a little smoother. So this week has been a major learning process. I've had to re-create a schedule for the Ladybug and I which messes up the poochies schedule too. We've had to learn to get by with Daddy being gone all week which doesn't really concern Ladybug yet since she's still pretty Momma oriented (being breastfed will do that to a kid lol). I'm learning how to not spend 10 hours a day on facebook with a child hooked to my boob so with all this I've gotten on eBay and am getting a Mei Tai and a pouch sling so that the Ladybug and I can get some major housecleaning done. I want to have the house sparkling by the time Bub gets home so he can see that we've made the right choice in me being home and that way our house can be clean to invite some fam or friends over without 'em being embarrassed by our pig sty!!

I let my mom take Ladybug the other day while I ran to Target to get my new spring wardrobe. Was pretty interesting considering I felt as though I'd left my newborn (even though she's not "technically" a newborn anymore) in the car. And Ladybug got to go see her Great Nana :o)

That's something else the Ladybug is nearly 3 months old!!!!! OMG she's been here for nearly a quarter of a year!!! Life is so strange I remember all the bad things from her labor still but they are pushed way back and Jordon nearly had me convinced to start trying for #2 already!!! Eeekk! But rest assured it won't happen for a while... I want to start trying around Ladybug's 1st birthday so then I'll have 2 under 2 which is still scary, but not as bad as 2 under 1!!!! I want the Ladybug and her brother or sister to be best friends since they really won't have any school mates besides each other and any homeschool groups we join.

So right now the Ladybug is napping we had a busy morning of Wal-mart. We got groceries and the stuff that Bub has decided he needs next week to make it all go a little smoother. The boys are laying in their normal respective spots... Doc on the couch with Ladybug on the floor in front of him and for some reason Sarge has taken to laying in the back hall not really sure but hey he's being good so I won't dis him mmmkay?

All right I'm gonna go work on the said pig sty while all my "children" sleep LOL