Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday again

I hate Sundays!!! I guess I should understand that Bub leaving on Sunday's is just a fact from now on but it still hurts that he's gonna be gone and miss the next 5 days of mine and Ladybug's lives. I don't like the idea that it's her and I and when he's off working we can talk on the webcam but at the same time this job is the reason that it can be just her and I and I don't have to work.
I'm having some major issues with Nickel she took $20 out of my money claiming she thought it was Mom's and that she needed it for gas then she took the $100 that was on the fridge for Jordon to be able to finish the upstairs bathroom. She claimed MANY times that she would bring it back but never has. She also broke down the Neon so she had to borrow the Journey which is where my money was when she took it. So she was supposedly taking that money to get gas and groceries then last night she went drinking and went to Ames Friday night so I really have no simpathy for her seeings how all the money could be going to fixing her car which she's now completely without since Mom will need her own car tomorrow and I'm not giving up my car :)
Oh well Sorry for my rant I'm just not having a lovey dovey type of day LOL
Ok I'm gonna go and watch 16 and pregnant and remind myself how good I have it hahaha

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