Thursday, March 4, 2010

OMG It's been FOREVER!!!

Kay so I'm totally sorry that it's been so long since I updated!! Lots has happened since I last wrote you!! I'm now officially a SAHM!! YAY!!! Bub gotta new job in which he makes more now than both of us were!! Add to that the fact that my childcare rates were increasing on the 1st of the month makes it so my bring home after gas to work and daycare was $75.00 a week...seriously... less than a dollar an effin' hour so I made my friend mad at me because I just up and quit. Didn't give a two week notice like a good human being. But the thought of going back after all that's happened (that's a story for another day) I would cry every night trying to get the Ladybug ready for bed and all her stuff gathered to make our mornings go a little smoother. So this week has been a major learning process. I've had to re-create a schedule for the Ladybug and I which messes up the poochies schedule too. We've had to learn to get by with Daddy being gone all week which doesn't really concern Ladybug yet since she's still pretty Momma oriented (being breastfed will do that to a kid lol). I'm learning how to not spend 10 hours a day on facebook with a child hooked to my boob so with all this I've gotten on eBay and am getting a Mei Tai and a pouch sling so that the Ladybug and I can get some major housecleaning done. I want to have the house sparkling by the time Bub gets home so he can see that we've made the right choice in me being home and that way our house can be clean to invite some fam or friends over without 'em being embarrassed by our pig sty!!

I let my mom take Ladybug the other day while I ran to Target to get my new spring wardrobe. Was pretty interesting considering I felt as though I'd left my newborn (even though she's not "technically" a newborn anymore) in the car. And Ladybug got to go see her Great Nana :o)

That's something else the Ladybug is nearly 3 months old!!!!! OMG she's been here for nearly a quarter of a year!!! Life is so strange I remember all the bad things from her labor still but they are pushed way back and Jordon nearly had me convinced to start trying for #2 already!!! Eeekk! But rest assured it won't happen for a while... I want to start trying around Ladybug's 1st birthday so then I'll have 2 under 2 which is still scary, but not as bad as 2 under 1!!!! I want the Ladybug and her brother or sister to be best friends since they really won't have any school mates besides each other and any homeschool groups we join.

So right now the Ladybug is napping we had a busy morning of Wal-mart. We got groceries and the stuff that Bub has decided he needs next week to make it all go a little smoother. The boys are laying in their normal respective spots... Doc on the couch with Ladybug on the floor in front of him and for some reason Sarge has taken to laying in the back hall not really sure but hey he's being good so I won't dis him mmmkay?

All right I'm gonna go work on the said pig sty while all my "children" sleep LOL

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