Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break :)

Sorry it's been so long... been at my parents' house for almost a week takin' care of it and my 10 year old sister Tate. Been pretty uneventful except I'm VERY excited... I made lunch today while Tate played with Ladybug... I know oooh aaah, right? Actually it was I made fried chicken , mashed potatoes, corn and country gravy and it was GOOD I even got a compliment from Bub (the cook in our house)he was surprised that it was done as he saw I hadn't cut in to any of them...then he tasted and said it was sooo good he didn't even put hot sauce on it....WOW that's sayin' something folks!! My southern husband felt that MY fried chicken was good enough to eat without COMPLETELY obliterating the flavors I had put there!! I am so ecstatic you have NO idea! Well, after this post ya might LOL
That was my Saturday
Wednesday Tate and I took the Ladybug to the mall which went ok nothing too exciting except I carried her in the meitai for a lot of the trip but for some reason she hates the upstairs bathrooms at Valley West which kinda makes me laugh.
Other than that our spring break hasn't been anything but another week...
Oh last night bub and I were watching American Loggers on Discovery Channel and each time a commercial for Life (their new mini-series that premieres this weekend) Ladybug would intently watch it was the CUTEST thing I've ever seen!! So she might just be a  nature lover un-like her Momma haha
Alright gonna check on my man as he's workin' on his truck out in the garage and Tate's downstairs somewhere. Have a great weekend and I'll type to ya soon :)

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