Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm Trying!!!

So we got the new washer and I've been doing laundry all day (seeing's how easily it all stacks up when you can only do laundry in the cover of darkness) LOL (long story short: our drain for the washer was plugged up with NO way thru so I would put the washer drain line out the window and let it drain onto the ground but couldn't do it during the day;) haha) But last week I did the Carmen Electra Striptease once and I'm really going to try to do it at LEAST every other day this week!!! I'm also trying to get all my cleaning done today so I don't have to do it ALL week again.
One more thing I'm trying to do...figure out what I'm gonna do with Ladybug at night... it's official she's too big to be sleeping in the bassinet and Bub is against co-sleeping (I used to be too until I think about putting my 3 month old in another room where :gasp: she might not be able to let me know she's hungry) I know I just said that as though I'm messing around but I'm being completely serious. It scares the bejesus outta me!!! Bub says "she's not gonna wither away she's got plenty of meat on her bones" but didn't like that I reminded him that he likes to complain when he's hungy even though he's got more meat on his bones than Lexy or I will ever have!!! I just don't know how people can do it. I've even thought about disassembling her crib and setting it up in our room. Seriously I don't know what to do!!! Right now she sleeps in the bassinet until the sun comes up and then I let her sleep with me... I know I know that's horrible for her... but she likes it and I like being allowed to sleep past 6 in the morning! Please if you have any suggestions lemme know!!!

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