Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Add Babywearing to this AP Momma!!

My new meitai carrier will be here this afternoon!! And our solarveil ring sling either tomorrow or Friday!!! I'm so stoked (yes I just said STOKED!!!) I know it's middle of March in Iowa and we're already starting the flooding crap so a Solar Veil you ask... well besides being a UV blocker it's also a lighter weight fabric and with the Ladybug already being such a warm body like her Daddy I can't imagine having a moby or any of the others I've read are warm!! I can't wait!!
So I'm really in to AP (attachment parenting) not that I decided to be I read about it and after thinking about it that's just where my beliefs on raising the Ladybug are... granted there are some differences. I don't cloth-diaper (I don't have a washer right now so that's a GOOD thing) I had an epi for labor (and LOVED it LOL) I'm pretty sure if we have a boy he will be circumsized (which isn't actually attachment parenting but a lot of AP'ers are also anti-circumcision) And lastly I'm pretty sure we might be spankers but that will come with time more than likely that will be a "threat" taken care of by Bub so I'll be one of those "just you wait until your dad gets home" type of moms...which is ok with me.

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