Thursday, March 11, 2010

TRUE Love has found me!!

I LOVE Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. Haven't tried the bigger and better yet and I already knew that these worked on crayon and such so I also knew that one day I'd have to keep them on hand. What I didn't know was I needed them now or the fact that they would clean dried blood off my walls. Eww right? But they do I'm most of the way done cleaning the hall and I'm amazed have been since the first swipe. Only bad thing is I'm already on my second one and might need to start a third :( but the blood is gone!! Will have to buy more for our bedroom so our house can be done with this. I've been locking Doc in his kennel and only let him out to go outside. I'm feeding and watering him everything IN his kennel so he can't tear it open as bad and we can get it scabbed over once and for all.

So you can all pick your jaws up off the floor I'm still with Bub and always will be LOL

I also LOVE my meitai carrier still getting used to it though I'll be really excited when my ring sling gets here because Ladybug is wanting more of a cradle hold and the meitai can't do that but when she's in the mood to look around she loves it nearly as much as I do!!!

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