Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thankful on Thursday

Wow as easy as it seems like it should be I have a really hard time coming up with new things to be thankful for every week. I feel like it's always the same-o same-o things. (ie my hubby, my babby, and my family)
But this week I found something else to be thankful for, our health. I've had a bit of a scare with my iud today (I had a Mirena placed at my 6 week post-partum appt) I can't feel the strings and I don't have health insurance (or so I thought) still I called my ob/gyn and let them know I felt 'em last month but don't know between now and then when they "moved" or whatever. Come to find out I do have insurance but only for 'family planning' which this is considered YAY so I have an appointment at 845 tomorrow... do you understand what time that means I have to get up??? 630!! I haven't been up that early in over a month when I quit my job!!! UGG but if it means knowing that I'm okay then I'll do what I have to do.
My mom works with disabled children (God bless her... I know I couldn't do it!!!) so each time I take Ladybug for a bit of a show and tell with all the co-workers I come out of there with a new appreciation for Ladybug's health. I hope God knows how thankful I truly am for that!!!!
I'm also thankful I have common sense. In every sense of the word because even though it's called common sense it's becoming less and less common!! Now I'm not gonna get all political because that's a different post entirely but I'm talking that I'm glad I have sense enough in my head to not just buy every little thing I think I NEED. I want to, Dear God do I ever want to. But I know that buying something for $20.00 that Ladybug will only wear ONCE is just silly even if it is an immense sale and that she would be absolutely adorable in it. I wanted to buy an outfit for family pictures the problem being that she will be 6 months 4 days before we have our portraits done. I can't be sure that if I buy a 3-6 month outfit that she will even fit into it anymore but if I buy it in 6-9 will it be TOO big? So I'll just have to buy something that I won't be as upset if it's not in our pictures. But still trying to find ideas for that Big day LOL Bub is wearing a 'golf polo' its black with khaki on each side so as to thin him ;) No idea on what I'll wear or Ladybug either haha
LOL this has been a different sort of post for a Thursday... I'll post my letter to Ladybug in a bit (Grama's Home with Aunt Tate LOL)

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  1. My boys never fit in to the "correct" size...I don't even know why baby clothes are labeled by's never the right size. But anywho, hope you are enjoying the blog party! Have a great week!