Monday, February 1, 2010

LONG Monday

So as if Mondays aren't both too long and too difficult...I went into work 1/2 hour early and stayed 1 and 1/2 late!! Add that to being off all last week and playing assistant director (I'm getting promoted next month when we open a second center and the current one being out with her two-year-old who has mono) and bam you have one tired Momma on your hands!! So when the fam finally got home tonite I had Bub make dinner while I hopped in the shower since Ladybug was still asleep, then supper was complete so did that. Ladybug woke from her peaceful slumber within her car seat so she had a meal then her bath. Sent the hubby to bed while I blog and hold our beautiful little girl!!

Funny additional note I wear my hair in a ponytail EVERYDAY so after my shower I just brushed it out straight to put up after a Ladybug then woke up and looked at me like I was an alien as I talked to her...It was as if she was saying you sound like my Momma but lady who are you cuz you don't look like her!! LOL

Alright going to watch a lil CSI and eat my oatmeal cookies before bed
Night Ya'll :P

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